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Aerial Forest Fire Remote Geolocation System

Protecting our forests with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

SAGIF, the Aerial Forest Fire Remote Geolocation System, is a R+D project funded by the Canary Goverment under the PEPSTARS Proyecto Canarias Stars 2022. The primary goal of this project is to engineer a specialized fire detection and Remote Geolocation system, tailor-made for integration with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This innovative system is at the forefront of addressing forest fire challenges, employing advanced thermographic cameras, sophisticated computer vision (CV), artificial intelligence, and Geographic Information System (GIS) techniques. Its design focuses on seamless adaptability to various UAV formats, including both multicopters and fixed-wing models. A key feature of this system is its capability to provide real-time Remote Geolocation data to emergency operation centers, significantly boosting the effectiveness and responsiveness of fire management strategies from the air.


Enhancing Situation Awareness

SAGIF elevates the capabilities of existing systems, significantly enhancing Situation Awareness for fire-fighting commanders and key decision-makers. This advanced tool aids in critical decision-making processes, such as resource allocation, population evacuation, and other vital actions during forest fire incidents. By providing more accurate, real-time insights, SAGIF empowers leaders to respond more effectively and efficiently to these challenging situations, ultimately improving outcomes in forest fire management.

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GIS platform on the cloud for analysis


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SAGIF's adaptability for both manned aircraft and UAVs ensures versatile, effective response to evolving aerial surveillance challenges.

Unique Advantages

SAGIF excels in providing not only real-time information, but also the ability to perform retrospective qualitative analysis. This not only improves the effectiveness of emergency response operations, but also provides essential data for the formulation of future fire prevention and management strategies.

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Preserving our forests through advanced and technological approaches.

SAGIF is not only a comprehensive and effective solution for wildfire detection and Remote Geolocation, it also marks a milestone in retrospective analysis capability. Join the era of fire prevention and management with SAGIF, a step forward in protecting our forests and communities.

This project is funded by Gobierno de Canarias under the program: PEPSTARS Proyecto Canarias Stars 2022

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