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Protecting our forests with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

FOREST represents the cutting edge in forest firefighting, providing instantaneous detection and remote geolocation of fire outbreaks and fire lines. Developed by R&D experts in the Engineering and Communications division of the prestigious IDeTIC Research Institute of the ULPGC, FOREST is a portable system that provides exceptional flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of an emergency situation, whether for surveillance or forest fire monitoring.

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Strategic Observation Point

Equipped with an advanced thermographic camera, FOREST thoroughly scans the area of interest, processing the captured thermographic images in real time. Each image is analyzed using the most advanced AI algorithms to detect fire outbreaks and fire lines. Each pixel in th region of interest is accurately geo-referenced. If the region covers a large area, the coordinates of its perimeter are obtained. These data are automatically transmitted to the emergency control center, allowing real-time monitoring of the event. FOREST can be relocated as many times as required for surveillance tasks or adapting to the evolution of the forest fire.

GIS platform on the cloud for analysis

Outstanding Features:

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FOREST allows for rapid and coordinated decision making, optimizing available resources.

Protecting Life

In fighting wildfires, every second counts. FOREST is the solution that redefines emergency response, combining the latest technology with the mobility and flexibility needed to meet the changing challenges of the field. Rely on FOREST for early detection and decisive action to protect our forests and communities.

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